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Christine's whole body was built with nice curves and a lot of flesh in all the right places. Her tank top was a faded blue, buttoned in front and very tight as well. Her breasts filled it out to overflowing, and would have filled a 38C bra, if she was wearing one. As far as I could tell the tank top hugged her bare breasts tightly and underneath. I could see the contours of her nipples through the material of the blouse, and I could un-mistakably see she had both nipples pierced with rings that showed through. gyno clinic free porn gallery 6

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I began the massage again. Now concentrating on 3 inch diameter circles around her rectum. Circling from out to inwards finally zeroing in on her anus with my middle finger. Now the circles got smaller and smaller as I began concentrating more pressure in the targeted area. My firm finger was now directly on her ass hole and pressing and rotating to attempt entry. gyno clinic free porn gallery 7

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In ten minutes I was back. Julia had Christine on her stomach. Her blouse was still on however it was un-buttoned all the way in front and her breasts were pressed into the holes. I did not see the shoulder straps fastened and turned to Julia questioningly. She smiled at me and I knew she had used her imagination in her wicked way.I looked under the table, and I saw that Julia had joined the rings in both her nipples to her set of car keys. They weighed down obscenely as they had several keys on them as well as a few photo frames and other paraphernalia that moms carry around. gyno clinic free porn gallery 8

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I glanced at Julia and noticed that she appeared a little un-unsteady. Her mouth was open and her breath was coming in short quick gasps. She was balancing her weight on one foot and then on the other. Her high heels making a tapping sound on the wood floor. gyno clinic free porn gallery 9

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She gasped breathlessly every time the anal intruder pressed harder She was panting now closing her cheeks upon the anal intruder. But the device had no mercy as it widened her more and more gyno clinic free porn gallery 10

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Finally I noticed Julia's Mercedes drive up and park in the parking lot. I peeped in the door when they entered. Julia and her daughter Christine. Christine was a beauty. A copy of her mother in every way. She was wearing very short tight fitting faded denim jeans and a tank top that revealed four inches of her abdomen. She was well built and a little on the plumper side. Not that she was over weight or anything, but the denim jeans were really tight on her and showed her curves well. Her flesh burst outwards at the hem of her denim jeans, and you could tell that the jeans really hurt her flesh where they cut into her skin, in the area of her crotch and on her behind. The Denim jeans were the low kind. The kind that girls wear nowadays on their hips. I could swear that if I put my finger in her waistband in the front, I could feel her pussy hair an inch below. gyno clinic free porn gallery 11

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She gasped breathlessly every time the anal intruder pressed harder She was panting now closing her cheeks upon the anal intruder. But the device had no mercy as it widened her more and more gyno clinic free porn gallery 12

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My girlfriend, Joann, left me a note saying that she had gone to see her friend Wanda down at EHC. The only problem was that I had just got home and it was only 11 AM; it seemed too early for an afternoon visit with a friend. I decided to take a ride down to EHC and see just what Joann and Wanda were up to. gyno clinic free porn gallery 13

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One of the cameras now showed a 'saddle' shaped piece of equipment. It sort of reminded me of on of those 'ride the bull' type of things that was popular in bars a few years ago. The saddle was about five feet off the ground and was raised up in front more steeply than a regular riding saddle. The horn of the saddle was wider and more flattened on it's inner part than normal. The back had an opening on the part that would normally be tilted against the back of your butt. Above the saddle was a 'T' bar with straps and which could be adjusted for height. gyno clinic free porn gallery 14

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I told her she should particularly sterilize the dilation equipment and keep it ready. "When they arrive, Kelly should pre-examine Christine with the usual stuff and then have her undress completely and have her prepped for the procedure." gyno clinic free porn gallery 15

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Then I continued with the above procedure again and again a few times. I now set the IN/OUT speed and power switch on the device to low I began to apply bursts of pressure at five second intervals then backed off a little. Then allowing a few seconds before applying pressure again. I repeated the cyclic procedure gyno clinic free porn gallery 16

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Meanwhile I continued to massage Christine's vagina, pussy lips and clit from under her. I was surprised to see how large her clit had become. After about fifteen minutes, I thought it was now time to pull the device out of Christine's bottom. gyno clinic free porn gallery 17

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Christine's anus remained impenetrable. I started the massage again this time in 5 inch circles. When I finally zeroed in on her anus, I asked Christine to take a deep breath and the let it out when she feels pressure in her bottom. I increased the pressure and then finally told her to breathe out. This unfortunately resulted in her tightening up her ass cheeks again. gyno clinic free porn gallery 18

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Julia was struggling to get the anal intruder past her sphincter and was having the time of her life. But being the diligent doctor that I am I got down to the task at hand. gyno clinic free porn gallery 19

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