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I have a friend in a near-by city who is a gynecologist and who is familiar with my sexual interests, having been a guest in my home on many occasions. When in the course of looking between spread legs I find something that I think he might enjoy seeing, I let him know and he returns the favor when possible. John is several years my junior and quite an attractive guy. He has always been a sports nut and stays in great shape by jogging and playing volleyball and racquetball often. He is a very professional man but does bend the rules a bit when he knows his patients want him to. Whenever he calls and invites me to visit him during office hours I know I'm in for a treat. Such an invitation means that he has a special patient, one whom he is sure I will enjoy helping him to examine, and who will enjoy being examined by me. Over the years we've had some interesting experiences, but none more interesting than this last.
The appointed time was 2:00 pm on Thursday, and I was there right on time. John's nurses are accustomed to my coming to visit and all but one of them believes me to be another physician whom John sometimes calls in to consult with him. That's usually how John introduces me to the patients as well. The one nurse who knows I'm not a doctor also knows exactly why I'm there and enjoys my visits as much as John and I do, perhaps even more. Donna was a nurse in my hometown for several years and I helped her get the job with John. The patient whom we were to examine was a pretty girl named Lauren. Lauren was a sandy haired girl, age 22, with long shapely legs and fine whispy cunt hair. She was very attracted to John and had made several comments to him which indicated she was available whenever he wanted her. Up to this point John had flirted back just a bit, but had mostly kept the relationship on a professional level...
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