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...When Lauren had first come to John she came for just a routine examination and pap smear having been referred by her family doctor. John knew there must be something more than just the routine examination involved but hadn't been called by the family doctor and didn't know exactly what to expect. His first examination of Lauren revealed quite a bit about why she had been referred. Lauren knew exactly why she was there, but was quite embarrassed about it and didn't mention it prior to John's initial examination. He told me most of her background as we examined her, feeling quite free to talk openly to me in her presence, even with nurse Donna there as well. Lauren was lying on the examining table with her legs in the stirrups and her gown pulled up all the way to her waist. She was very polite and at first didn't seem too affected by my presence, under the circumstances. Donna stood to the left of Lauren, her hand on Lauren's thigh and John and I stood at the foot of the table looking at her private parts as John talked.
"As you may have already noticed, Doctor Wade, Lauren is an especially interesting patient, and I wanted your input concerning her "problem", although frankly I'm not sure that I consider it to be a real problem, if you know what I mean." John reached between Lauren's legs and pointed to her body parts as he continued. "Her vaginal opening is normal in size and configuration, her hymen no longer intact. The clitoris (he touched it with the tip of his ungloved finger as he spoke) is of normal size and responds to stimuli in a very normal fashion. (He stroked Lauren's clit, allowing it to swell and extend itself as we watched. Donna licked her lips and smiled at Lauren as her hips jerked from the contact) As you can see, the labia major are un-remarkable and have the elasticity which one might expect at Lauren's age and degree of sexual experience." (John spread her outer cunt lips open with two fingers of his right hand, allowing me to look further inside her pussy)
"The labia minor also appear to be normal in every way, and there is no evidence of any damage at any time from abnormal insertions or other such activities. Lauren informs me that so far at least there have been no such activities which have been a part of her sexual experiences." (I glanced up at Lauren to see her blushing rather deeply. Donna was rubbing Lauren's thigh lightly now and still smiling broadly) "The unusual thing about Lauren, as you can well see, is the copious amounts of vaginal fluids which flow from her opening. Lauren was reluctant at first to discuss this with me, but we have overcome that fear now, haven't we Lauren?" "Yes, John, er doctor", she said blushing even more deeply, "I promised to be very open about it with you and I feel okay about it now. You've been very good to allow me to feel the freedom to talk honestly about it. Doctor Jones (her family doctor) seemed to be embarrassed about it for me and I think thats one of the main reasons he suggested I come to see you." "Tell Doctor Wade how this unusually heavy flow of juices affects your daily activities, Lauren", John requested. Donna was now replacing the pan which had been placed under Lauren's bottom with an empty one and poured the sweet smelling fluid into a large vial on the counter next to the examining table. A large drop of fluid dropped from her left cunt lip to the metal pan, making a plopping sound as it hit the bottom. Another drop quickly followed, making a similar but lower pitched sound as it landed beside the other one.
Lauren began talking, her voice a bit hoarse and raspy. It was obvious that she was somewhat aroused by the examination. "For the last six months I have had to wear maxi pads regularly to avoid soiling my clothing", she said her eyes moving back and forth nervously from Donna to me. Donna patted her thigh gently with understanding. "At first I thought that I must be unconciously having wet dreams or something and tried very hard not to think about sex. But not thinking about sex didn't seem to make much if any difference, and the wetter I began to get the harder it became for me not to think about sex. I had to begin carrying another pair of panties with me all the time and was always afraid to wear slacks or jeans. Before long I was carrying two extra pairs of panties and it finally occured to me to try the maxi pads. They are doing the job now, but I have begun having to change them often now as well. I don't know what I'll do if it gets worse than it is now." The pan was rapidly being filled by the dripping pussy so beautifully exposed to us. The aroma of cunt juice was strong in the small examining room and Donna was beginning to get that glow which was to me very familiar...
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