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Exclusive site featuring shots of chicks that have some private problems and are not going to share them with anyone but their doctor. But we don't give a fuck. We have cams in gyno cabinets and then load the images and movies at PRIVATE GYNECOLOGY EXAMS
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Wanna see a pink pussy through a speculum? Wanna watch a rectal thermometer being thrust up a chick's ass? Then there's one place for you to go! Read Doctor Tushy Review to find the route!
Doctor sex story (continued from gallery 1)
Janice's skirt and blouse were neatly folded over the back of the chair. "No bra" Jim thought suddenly...."that's what's missing. She didn't wear a bra." "Hi Jim....or is it DOCTOR Jim now?" Janice said as she smiled that smile that always made Jim melt. "I get enough of that from the nurses!" Jim said laughingly, "Don't you start on me" "So, what brings you in today?" Jim asked, as he caught the first scent of Janice's perfume. "I feel great," Janice answered, "I just want to get a check up before winter hits." Only the thinnest of paper gowns separated Jim from the most gorgeous body his dreams has ever created. That, and the smell of Janice's perfume were already causing in increase in blood flow to Jim's groin. He could feel his penis begin to swell as he listened to the sound of Janice's breathing through his stethoscope. That swelling became a full grown raging hard-on as Jim listened to Janice's heart and caught a glimpse of her erect nipples...nipples that he longed to taste. Jim was hoping Janice would not notice the bulge in his pants, but from her mischievous grin, it was clear that she had. Jim's heart nearly jumped into his throat when Janice said "I've always wanted to play doctor with you". After an extra hard swallow Jim's heart seemed to go back where it belonged. Not quite sure what to say, Jim blurted out "Well, what a coincidence that I'm seeing you today". Jim could feel the blood rush to his face...

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