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The morning's exams had been uneventful. It was the beginning of the cold and flu season and most of the new patients had a very ordinary assortment of upper respiratory infections. Jim made his diagnoses and noted the appropriate treatment, which was prescribed after being reviewed and counter-signed by Jim's supervising resident. It was all Jim could do to keep his mind on the patients. There was only one patient on Jim's mind this morning. Finally, all of the patients on Jim's schedule had been seen...all but one, and she was his last patient of the day. Jim went to the washroom and did what he could to freshen up. He combed his hair and brushed his teeth. If there was any cologne available, he would have gladly splashed on a little. He tried as best he could to smooth the morning's wrinkles out of his white jacket, then went to the Nurse's Station to wait for his last patient of the day. He had hoped to catch a glimpse of Janice out of the window in the Nurse's Station, but before he could even look he was handed a chart by one of the Clinic's nurses. "Last one's ready for you 'doctor'" the nurse said with a smile. The way she emphasized the word "doctor" drew a laugh from everyone at the Nurse's Station including Jim. Jim's easy smile and helpful attitude had made him one of the more popular students with the Clinic staff. "This won't take long" Jim said as he walked toward the exam room, "I tee off at 1:00". The people at the Nurse's Station laughed again, knowing that Jim couldn't tell one end of a golf club from the other. Jim read Janice's chart as he walked toward the door of exam room 2. History and and vital signs all normal....a routine check up. Jim was surprised to feel a stirring of butterflies in his stomach as he opened the door. Jim's heart rate doubled when he saw Janice, as beautiful as ever, sitting on the exam table wearing only the thin paper gown that was standard for a physical exam. Her long smooth legs, her long blonde hair, her perky breasts, her sweet-tasting vulva, and most of all, those big brown eyes that always made Jim's heart melt, all these things that Jim knew so well in his dreams, were here in the same room with him. The air-conditioned room began to feel unusually warm to Jim and he took a deep breath in spite of himself. "Hi Janice" Jim said as professionally as he could. Professionalism was not the first thing on Jim's mind, especially when he saw the the garter belt and silk camisole laying on the chair... continued on gallery 2